My reluctant Covid-19 Treatment Room changes
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Over the past few months during this lockdown, and particularly in recent weeks, my heart began to sink as therapists received the many [essential] Protocols and Guidelines in order to re-open our treatment rooms as safely as possible for our clients and ourselves.

I know that sounds very dramatic but I was very unhappy with the prospect of all the changes I would have to make in my treatment room. I certainly was in “resistance mode” to the point of considering not re-opening! But I am not yet ready to retire. Could not imagine telling my clients, who have been coming for years, that I would not be treating them again. Many have become good friends.

My heart sank further and further and I put off making these changes. I loved my treatment room as it was - comfortable, cosy and inviting. I always went to a lot of trouble to have it colour coordinated and welcoming for clients. It is MY working space too I argued with myself, I want to feel happy to work there every day. I was faced with stripping it back to the bare essentials, only having in my room what was absolutely needed for that one treatment – no frills, no soft furnishings, nothing that could not be cleaned and disinfected after each treatment.

Finally, I had to make a decision would I remain closed or re-open – my heart was torn but I eventually decided to make a start and cleared everything out of my room. We (that’s the royal WE!) repainted the walls and woodwork and put back just the bare essentials. Minimalist or what?

I knew I just had to change my thinking, my approach, my belief that I needed all of those “nice” bits and bobs – I don’t! I embraced the minimal, sparse almost sterile look, the bare essentials – the washable chair and stool, the empty bookcase, no nicely folded colour co-ordinated towels…. I could go on.

When my first client came last week for a trial run - to say that I was a little nervous would be an understatement - had I adhered to all the cleaning protocols? would I remember the strokes? would I still be able to tune into what her body needed?

But as soon as I placed my hands on her body and connected with her energy and vibration, it just felt so right. I had not realised how much I missed massage. In that moment, that was all that mattered and knowing my room was as Covid-19 safe as I could possibly make it.

My client actually loved my new-look room - thought it was “bright and fresh”. When she sighed as she lay down on the plinth and said “I’ve missed this so much” I knew that my room décor is immaterial – clients come for the treatment and care that I offer. Slowly but surely, I am getting to like my room again, maybe one day I will even love it!

The author, Mary Mullally, is a complementary therapist and Irish Agent/Distributor for Pure Pro Massage Products, a range of massage oils, creams and lotions.

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