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Arnica (anti-inflammatory) Relief Lotion (ARL)

This is one of my favourites – hence why I left it till last in the ‘All About Arnica’ series.

Arnica (anti-inflammatory) Relief Lotion (ARL) is a popular choice for many therapists, and it’s well recognised in its striking blue bottle.

* Why is it our most popular product? 

* Why is it so effective?

* Why is ARL the product of choice for so many therapists around the country?

These questions are simply answered! t's the benefits! There are so many benefits in using ARL for your clients and family members, but the ones that make ARL a lotion of choice for therapists are: 

  • It releases tight, tense, over-worked muscles in a very gentle way

  • It helps flush out toxins

  • It boosts circulation

  • It relieves joint pain

  • It speeds up soft tissue recovery after bruising

  • It reduces the pain of arthritic conditions

  • It eases Fibromyalgia flare ups

  • It aids recovery as it is a natural 100% anti-inflammatory

The fact that ARL is so popular in Ireland is a little surprising as it is a lotion. In the past, Irish therapists have swayed towards oils, rather than creams or lotions. ARL is breaking that tradition – which is a testimony to its effectiveness and versatility.

ARL is so effective due to its “magic” ingredient - hand-pressed Arnica Extract This, combined with organic Golden Jojoba oil, makes it a real “tour de force” and one of the best tools for you to have in your tool box!  

There’s no alcohol in ARL, so it doesn’t evaporate off the skin, in fact, the wax esters in the Jojoba oil integrate well with the sebaceous waxes in the skin. Therefore, it “stays” on the tissue and can be worked into the muscles where most needed – a real benefit for sore, tight muscles.  

Another group who are benefiting from ARL are people with arthritis or fibromyalgia. By using it twice daily, there is much relief for inflamed joints. Through word of mouth, ARL is becoming a source of relief for many sufferers. When I asked one lady how she heard about the product her answer was simply “Biddy B in the village swears by it”.

It is from this public popularity, that many therapists around the country now stock ARL in their treatment rooms (at a discount of course!) and re-sell it to clients for personal use. This provides a convenient service to their clients, whilst creating another income stream for their businesses.

How much more versatile and useful could ONE product be?  

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