Are you over-working your Hands unnecessarily?

As massage therapists, our hands are our most important asset and we need to look after them as best we can to extend our working lives as therapists and keep them pain-free for as long as possible. I know, and have heard of, so many therapists who have had to give up their practice and who have developed arthritis in their hands.

If you offer clients deep tissue treatments then, more than likely, the answer to my question is YES - you are over-working your hands, fingers and thumbs unnecessarily.

Here’s why….

Many clients suffering from tight, sore, over-worked muscles ask therapists to “go deeper” into their badly knotted muscles to try and get relief. Massage, particularly Deep Tissue or Neuromuscular, literally breaks up the knots, increasing blood flow to the area, which will enable the muscle tissue to start to repair itself by feeding the starved area with nutrients and oxygen. Massage also encourages the flushing out of toxins from the muscle and helps to untangle the muscle fibres to get them moving smoothly against each other again.

While you are doing all of this essential work on tangled muscles you could be over-working your hands. So, would you consider using a massage cream that would benefit you (your hands, especially) and your clients skin?

Pure Pro’s Deep Tissue CreamDeep Tissue Cream was developed specifically to: 

  • Improve results without causing pain or injury to therapists’ hands  

  • Help break down knots in tight muscles and target trigger point areas  

  • Allow therapists to work deeper without using excess pressure  

  • Give “grip and glide, not slip and slide” on the musculature  

  • Make working with clients with excess body hair easier for both client and therapist  

  • Be safe for delicate or sensitive skin 

Pure Pro’s Deep Tissue Cream is an all-natural formula, pH-balanced and unscented. It is extremely versatile for use as a spot treatment on specific knotted muscles requiring precision and compression for trigger points, or a full-body treatment without leaving a greasy residue.

It has an impressive list of ingredients, including vegetable oils of coconut, safflower, apricot kernel and organic Golden Jojoba. Add to this organic Aloe Vera gel, silver citrate and Natural Vitamin E and you have a deeply nourishing and nurturing skin cream that works without the need for excess pressure from the therapist.

This cream is perfect for all Sports, Neuromuscular, Physical Therapy and, of course, Deep Tissue treatments. Some therapists may be surprised to read that it is also and excellent medium for oncology and geriatric treatments where the skin is often super-sensitive. It is available in two sizes, 240ml and 840ml, both with pump attachments, and can be ordered online at

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Your most important tool?