Are your hands dry from constant washing?

Are you finding that your hands are very dry, sore or chapped with all the [essential] hand washing, sanitizers, alcohol wipes and gels that you’re using at the moment?

As massage therapists, most of us do not have this problem generally as we are using massage oils, creams or lotions daily as we treat clients. But, unfortunately, due to the Covid-19 pandemic we have not been working with our clients for months now.

This means are hands are not being nourished and moisturised and at the same time we are washing them more frequently, using wipes/gels and sanitizers, we are even cleaning more often.

I know, in the greater scheme of things with all the dreadful Covid-19 related illnesses, deaths and social distancing measures that we are living through, dry, rough or chapped hands is not up there. But, it is something that with a little self-care practice (remember how we always recommend self-care and home management tips and tools to our clients) we can solve this problem easily and our hands will really appreciate this gesture of self-love.

Two products that I’m finding very helpful, and if you’re a Pure Pro customer, you probably have them to hand (excuse the pun) too.

I’m using Pure Pro’s Hypoallergenic Lotion a few times during the day because it’s unscented, pH-balanced and is quickly absorbed so I can get on with whatever I’m doing without that sticky residue.

But, at night, I find massaging my hands with a little Peppermint Pedango Foot Cream (yes, foot cream!) is really soothing and deeply moisturising. Pedango is very aromatic so it’s lovely to drift off to sleep with the scent of peppermint, lavender and lemongrass blended in a base of Golden Jojoba oil. It has become a nightly ritual for me in recent weeks and a life-saver for my hands. 

As with all Pure Pro products you can trust that the ingredients are 100% natural, many are organic with no nasties or parabens. They will deeply nourish and moisturise your hands during this Covid pandemic, and beyond.

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