Do you want clean, orange-scented sheets and towels with no oil stains?

As I write this blog, I can see yesterday’s freshly laundered plinth covers and towels blowing gently in the breeze in lovely Spring sunshine and blue sky

I know I’m a bit old fashioned, but I love to see laundry blowing in the fresh air. I’m glad too that I put that wash on this morning, as the forecast for the next few days is pretty wet and miserable.

This got me thinking about a problem that every massage therapist has to live with - making sure that their towels, sheets, plinth covers and uniforms are as clean, fresh and as oil-stain free as possible.

This for me was an on-going battle years ago. I was replacing my sheets and towels far too often which cost me a small fortune. Then I started using Pure Pro’s Ultra Massage Oil along with their Orange Degreaser Detergent.

Combining these two products you, too, can solve this on-going problem for your practice. Firsty, by using Ultra Oil in your treatments you will not build up stains as much as with other heavier oils. You see, it’s a light “non-oily” oil due to the unique natural ingredients. Then, by using Orange Degreaser Detergent in your laundry you will wash out oily residue that can build up in the fibres of your linens, particularly towels.

Here are some laundry tips that I have found work really well for me using Orange Degreaser Detergent:

  • Wash all your linens and uniforms in lukewarm water (I use 30 degrees). Hot water literally “cooks” oil residue into linens instead of washing it out!

  • Use only 100% cotton towels and sheets as these will release oil completely, unlike polyester/cotton blends. I know, they can be more expensive to buy initially, but will last much longer if you care for them properly – definitely saving you money in the long run.

  • Wash linens on the same day if at all possible, but the next day at the latest. I know this can he hard late in the evening after a busy day of treatments.

  • But, If you cannot wash on the same day, put them in a black plastic bag and tie it to keep out air and light – these two things will turn oil rancid very quickly.

Notwithstanding our wet Irish weather, I try to hang my linens outside - even for a few hours and then finish them off in the dryer to keep towels soft and fluffy. BUT, don’t over dry towels in the dryer - use a medium setting and take them out as soon as they are dry. I just love folding warm, citrus-smelling towels – ready for my next clients.

Sometimes, I know linens can be a little more oily, or a stubborn stain remains, when this happens I just re-wash them @ 40 degrees and add a little bleach, if necessary. I hope these tips help you to have fresh, stain and oil-free sheets and towels in your practice.

Here’s a little more information about the Orange Degreaser Detergent which was specifically developed by the therapists at Pure Pro Inc., to remove vegetable-based oils. (That’s just one of the many things I love about Pure Pro massage products, they are developed by therapists, like you and I, so they know the problems we have and they produce products to solve them).

But I digress …… so to wrap up about Orange Degreaser Detergent -

  • it really is the ultimate way to get rid of, and prevent oil build-up on sheets and towels.

  • it’s a complete detergent in one, with serious degreasing muscle power,

  • it’s bio-degradable and septic tank safe

The main ingredients are orange, lemon and lime peel extracts giving it that amazing and distinctive citrus scent. The 1 litre gives about 30 washes at a cost of .55c approx. per wash. Order online here.

Mary - always here to help you help your clients.

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