Focus on your Deep Tissue Massage

Are you a typical [Irish] massage therapist who only uses massage oil? Who would not dream of introducing a lotion or cream into your treatment room?

Massage oil, particularly Pure Pro’s Ultra oil, is light and wonderful for warming up muscles and gives great glide and coverage for a full body massage, using the minimum of oil. But, generally oils can be too slippery when you need to get down to the nitty, gritty of tight muscles and trigger point work.

So, you need to have another medium to hand (excuse the pun) literally! My ‘go to’ other medium is Pure Pro’s Deep Tissue Massage Cream. I have never been disappointed with the results. It allows me to do deep tissue work with great ease and precision. It’s rich, yet light, texture gives an excellent “gripping” glide on the musculature. It has a lovely consistency and feel on the skin without that heaviness or oily, waxy residue. This cream absorbs completely into the skin, leaving both clients and sheets clean…. another bonus.

I have always been impressed that it is hypoallergenic, pH-balanced and unscented so it’s suitable for all skin types or sensitivities. Works well with essential oils too. Apart from deep tissue massage, this cream is ideal for sports and neuromuscular modalities, yet it’s gentle enough for geriatric and oncology massage also. It works well for clients with dry, delicate skin or bodies with excess hair.

Whether you’re locating sneaky trigger points in the scalenes, giving friction to tight pectorals, or wrestling with plantar adhesions, this cream has all your clients’ needs covered. You would probably not consider using it for external TMJ massage but it works wonders here. I find more and more of my clients need TMJ work caused by grinding teeth or simply from holding tension in the face (and, sometimes from just talking too much!).

Finally, as it’s a Pure Pro product, you know that it is nut, paraben and contaminant-free and, of course, no bunnies were hurt in its development testing.

What more can I say about this amazingly versatile massage cream? If you are a die-hard massage oil fan who would not consider a massage cream you are probably feeling quite skeptical about making a switch…. c’mon, give Deep Tissue Cream a go – you won’t be disappointed either.

Have I convinced you to give it a try? Phone, text or PM me your address for free sample tasters.    Mary - always here to help you help your clients

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