Good goods in small parcels!

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Arnica Therapeutic Concentrate

“Good goods come in small parcels” this old saying sums up our smallest product perfectly!
Arnica Therapeutic Concentrate (ATC for short) comes in a 15ml bottle but is a power house of pain relief, tissue repair and natural healing so don’t let the small size fool you.

Mention Arnica to anyone and they will say something like “it’s good for bruising isn’t it?” and yes it certainly is that – it helps to disperse stagnant fluids and dead blood cells from bruised tissue reducing skin dis-colouration more quickly. But it is and does so much more …….

Arnica, a natural herb, has been used for centuries to relieve muscular and joint pain, bruising, sprains, strains and inflammation. To the hand-infused, natural Arnica in this Therapeutic Concentrate Pure Pro has added other natural ingredients including: Grapeseed Oil and essential oils of Bergamot, Clary Sage, Siberian Fir Needle, Lavender, and natural Vitamin E to make your healing work more effective. It is nut oil free and gentle enough for use on sensitive skin.

In a very gentle, effective way, Arnica stimulates white blood cell activity which alleviates muscular pain and tenderness, spasm and boosts the body’s self-healing ability. These are just some of the reasons why Pure Pro’s Arnica Therapeutic Concentrate is a must for every massage or physical therapist offering sports, sports injury, deep tissue and neuromuscular treatments.  

Like all Pure Pro massage products, ATC is extremely versatile. Here are just some of the many different ways that you can use ATC to help clients: 

  • Apply it neat (3 – 4 drops) directly to the injury site and work into the tissue. Continue to work over the area with Pure Pro’s Ultra oil or, if you prefer a slightly heavier medium, Pure Pro’s Hypoallergenic Lotion.  

  • Dilute ATC into massage oil for full or partial body coverage. Recommended ratio is 30 drops to 250ml carrier oil.  

  • For Sports and Sport Injury therapists it relieves post-activity soreness and the diluted version, mentioned above, is ideal for use on the pitch!  

  • If applied before exercise it reduces pain, strain and spasm afterwards.  

  • For self-care for therapists! Use to relieve tired, sore or overworked muscles after a long day in your treatment room – great way to use up any leftover product from your day’s work 

As the name implies, this product is concentrated so you can use sparingly and still get the same amazing results for your clients. It is so potent that it is not recommended to apply more than 3 times in a 24 hour period and never apply to broken skin. Due to the potency of the hand-infused Arnica extract, an anti-inflammatory ingredient in this product, it is contraindicated for use during pregnancy or while breast feeding.

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