Making sense of labels, Part 1 - Organic

What does ‘organic’ actually mean? What is a 'natural' ingredient? Can you believe a product is 'certified'?

Before I was introduced to Pure Pro products, I found the notion of choosing which products or range of products to use absolutely baffling.

Most therapists carry on using the products they trained with. You get to know them during your training and if you subsequently go into business yourself, there is so much else to think about, that you are inclined to just keep using them – it’s so much easier. I have to admit I was certainly guilty of this too.

But then you hear about this amazing product, or that 100% natural product, and you start to wonder if you could be using something better for your clients.

But the massage products industry is no different to the cosmetics industry – there are so many products and they make so many claims. What can you believe? A product might describe itself as organic, referring to the organic nature of certain natural ingredients but it could still contain chemicals. A certified organic product is another matter.

In Ireland, the Organic Trust provides organic inspection and certification for the food and cosmetics industries. Products that pass the stringent checks may carry the Organic Trust logo. The trust is approved by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine in Ireland and by the European Commission.

That’s all very well, but not many massage product ranges are made in Ireland so very often you have to rely on, and trust, what the manufacturers of the products you use state on their packaging. But don’t forget that a product can contain organic – even certified organic – ingredients while also containing synthetic ingredients. The best thing to do is read the list of ingredients and get to know which are natural and which are chemical. Look for products with the fewest ingredients, and ingredients you recognise.

If in doubt, ask the manufacturer or the distributor – in our case - that’s me! I’d be happy to answer any questions you have about Pure Pro’s ingredients.

But for a start, here are some things I can tell you about Pure Pro products: 

  • You won’t find any parabens or ethoxylated ingredients (which are carcinogenic) or products with a low pH, both of which can take their toll on the skin over time, in any Pure Pro products  

  • The aloe vera, golden jojoba, lemongrass, and tea tree oils that we use are certified 100% organic  

  • Pure Pro keeps its products as natural as possible e.g. their Ultra massage oil has NO water added. Any product with water added is subject to contamination – mould spores, for example, grow in water  

  • We use the highest grade, hand-pressed arnica extract in our 3 arnica products. Most other products are about 7 – 10% arnica content. Ours is approximately 30%  

  • Pure Pro products do not use manufactured synthetic ingredients.  

  • The natural Vitamin E we use is gluten free  

  • All oils are nut oil-free (coconut oil is actually a seed oil!)  

  • Our products are never tested on animals. 

Pure Pro’s founder, Dianna Dapkins, is a trained therapist and a massage tutor which means that she develops the products in response to the needs of her clients. Every ingredient is chosen for a purpose and is tested for potency and purity and, of course, all Pure Pro products are preservative, paraben and ethoxylates free. I hope that reassures you. 

For more details on the ingredients in each of our products go to or contact me on (087) 287 0555 if you have any questions. Mary - always here to help

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