Time to tout your Tootsies!

This time of year attention always shifts downwards to our feet – a part of the body easily neglected during the cold, dark winter months. After such a very welcome early taste of summer  round the country last week (let’s hope we will enjoy lots more of it) many of us started to think about our feet once again and, no doubt, nail spas had increased pedicure bookings.

To help you get your feet summer ready, Peppermint Pedango Foot Cream is a rescue product for dehydrated and cracked skin that has been covered up and neglected over the winter months. This cream described as a “treat for feet” has many benefits when used as part of your foot care regime.  

Pedango Foot Cream deeply penetrates and nourishes your skin - from within. Soothing, rehydrating and healing from the inside out. Its natural ingredients work hard caring for your feet by keeping them healthy, soft and moisturised. The perfect combination to give you the confidence to dust off those summer sandals!

Aside from the fact that your feet will look and smell amazing for the summer (thanks to its memorable and distinctive scent) Pedango Foot Cream has many more therapeutic benefits for more serious foot conditions such as diabetes, peripheral neuropathy, varicose veins and restless leg syndrome. 

  • It helps flush out toxins.  

  • It reduces tenderness and swelling in ankles.  

  • It increases circulation in lower limbs.  

  • It improves lymphatic action.  

  • It eases oedema. 

Unfortunately, Pedango is contraindicated during pregnancy due to the very potent Arnica Extract ingredient. It is available in two sizes. The smaller 113ml is perfect for clients’ self care between treatments or when going on holidays. The larger, 840ml, or salon size, is particularly good value for therapists and reflexologists.

To find out more about Peppermint Pedango Foot Cream, its ingredients and benefits, or to purchase click here.

Mary - always here to help you help your clients.

Never be embarrassed by oil-stained sheets & towels again!