What Dianna Dapkins (creator of Pure Pro) has to say about Deep Tissue Cream

"I created Deep Tissue Cream to give a clean, even glide on the musculature. It is slippery enough that you can do soothing, long strokes but light enough that you can stay on target for trigger point and friction modalities.

I made it a neutral pH, completely unscented, super-gentle cream for use on individuals with sensitive skin".

Deep Tissue Cream can literally be used head-to-toe and leaves no greasy residue behind. It’s an ideal texture for deep tissue techniques, of course, but also for oncology and geriatric treatments where the skin can be very sensitive.

Many of the standard massage creams these days are simply HYPER-slippery because they use ethoxylated ingredients, which are potentially skin sensitizing. Pure Pro is the only company (in the U.S. at least) that has NEVER used these chemicals. We get our "slip" the old fashioned, natural way - from Coconut, Apricot Kernel, and Golden Jojoba oils. We never use petroleum based ingredients, instead we use a silver-based preservative from Switzerland - healthiest of its kind.

Also, you will not see a "sheen" on the skin using our Deep Tissue Cream, but the skin is still workable to the touch without making the client feel "smothered" or greasy. Some therapists may want "a little more slip" and to get this, simply add 10ml - 15ml Ultra Massage Oil to the 240ml size lotion. If you just use a little oil and shake it well then it will not separate. Deep Tissue Cream and Ultra Massage Oil integrate flawlessly.

But, if you do mix a little too much Ultra it will separate and has to be shaken periodically to work. Using regular massage oil will always separate as it is simply too heavy".

If you have not worked with Deep Tissue Cream yet but would like to try it why not avail of our free samples? PM me your address and you can get €10 or €5 off for the next week or so, while stock last. You can order online too at purepro.ie/creams.

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