What you CAN DO when your clients are on holidays this month

Bookings thin on the ground this month? Worried about reduced income this month?

Instead of be-moaning the fact that many of your regular clients are on holidays or tied up with kids’ activities etc., why not be proactive and prepare?

Below is a list of positive suggestions that you can work on this month to get your business fit and ready for the return of your regular clients in a few weeks time.

Like most massage therapists, I can certainly see a drop off in bookings this month, so I have decided to be pro-active and use this “down time” wisely, both personally and professionally.

Here’s what you can do – for YOU - first of all

Take as much ME TIME as possible to replenish your own energies, particularly if you are not going away. Consider : 

  • Booking some exchange or ‘mates rates’ treatments with local therapists. That way, you both looking after yourselves, which is really important and don’t you have the excuse of being too busy!  

  • If you are a member of Massage Matters there's the perfect platform to book an exchange 

  • Book a hair appointment  

  • Book a dental appointment if, like me, you have been putting this on the long finger  

  • Sort your wardrobe - always good to de-clutter and you will feel great afterwards  

  • Get as much exercise as possible - outside in the fresh air e.g. go for a walk in the evenings  

  • Plan some day trips to local attractions that you are always "meaning" to visit  

  • Spend more time with family and friends 

Then turn your attention to getting your business ready for when the phone starts ringing again with clients booking treatments for the Autumn - in a few weeks time. 

First, your Treatment Room - a two-pronged approach:

Give your treatment room a good Spring, well Summer clean! Take everything out and REALLY clean …. floors, walls, skirting boards, certificates, pictures, trolley etc., Consider re-arranging the furniture, if possible … just for something different and a new look and feel, without having to re-decorate. Of course, if you have the time and funds for a lick of paint that would be good too.

Then CLEAR your treatment room- ENERGETICALLY:

This is something you should do on a weekly basis, but now that you have more time you can really do a deep, energetic clean to clear out energy/chi that can build up and stagnate during treatments.

Burn Sage (If you don’t have any you can get it in angel shops). Burn this in your room with a plate underneath to catch the ash. Pay particular attention to all the corners where energy/chi can get stuck. Remember to clear the plinth of any residual energy too. If you have cymbals use them in all four corners and the vibration will do the clearing for you. If you use crystals clean them with natural spring water and make sure to place them outside on the earth every full moon for a deeper cleansing.

Next, your towels, linens and products:

Check all your towels, sheets, pillow cases, uniforms for freshness and re-wash if necessary. Lying folded and un-used for a few weeks they can become a little stale. Are they getting a little tired and grey-looking? If you are not using Pure Pro’s Ultra Massage Oil and/or Orange Degreaser Detergent some may need to be dumped. (I give mine to the local DSPCA – they love getting them).  If they are tired and grey-looking – replace them. Arnotts always have great value sales in their linen department, where you can get 20 – 70% discount on really good quality towels, most weekends, and of course, the same value applies on-line. if you live outside Dublin. While you are at it, consider a different colour for your towels for a fresh new look.

Finally, check your oils, creams, lotions and balms. Are any out of date and need to be replaced? Could some of your essential oils be ready for use in the diffuser or burner. Make a list of what you need to re-order for next month.

Finally, now to the books!

This will probably be your least favourite task, but it is really important so that you won’t have to spend time “on the books” when you will be busy again in your treatment room. 

I suggest that you start with your client files:

  • Archive clients’ files that you have not heard from in the past year.  

  • Make a list of clients you would like to re-connect with – put these aside to work on later  

  • Make another list of clients who are mums and will NEED a treatment as soon as the new school term beings at the end of THIS month  

  • Plan a back to school promotion to encourage mums (or dads) to book in early September 

  • Check your flyers and business/appointment cards – to you need to order more?  

  • Are your Accounts up to date? If you're guilty of putting this 'boring', but essential, side of the business on the long finger, now is the ideal time to do something about this.  

  • Get all your 2017 paperwork up to date for Revenue’s October filing deadline. Believe me, you really will be glad in October when your Accounts are ready to submit and you are busy with client treatments. This won’t be a stress for you then.  

  • If you have a website does it need some up-dating?  

  • If you have a Facebook business page could the information be updated; Description, About Us, Contact details etc., could you update the pics. etc., 

Well, that’s what I plan to do this month when I’m not so busy with clients. But will make a priority of looking after myself first, and then my business. 

I hope that you have found these suggestions helpful, please feel free to share them with other therapists too. Mary – always here to help you help your clients. www.purepro.ie

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