Your most important tool?
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Here are some of the answers given by Irish massage therapists when asked what they considered to be the most important attribute they used in their business:  

" - listening, - posture, - personality, - technical expertise, - qualifications, - client list, - products used, - empathy, - educating clients, - ability to relax clients"

These are all extremely important talents and attributes to have, BUT, in my opinion the most important tool in my tool kit .... is MY HANDS !

Without my hands in a healthy, pain-free condition I have no career. I know two therapists who had to give up their businesses due to joint pain from overworking their hands. So it makes sense to protect them and keep them in the best possible shape for a long and fulfilling career.

Daily gentle stretching exercises are recommended to keep these, usually over-worked, joints supple and in the best shape possible. It's not always easy to remember to make the time to do these stretching exercises, but they really are essential.

One condition which can cause a massage therapist major problems is contact dermatitis. This is a skin reaction to irritants and allergens which often results in red, puffy, flaky and itchy skin. In some cases, it can even cause a therapist to abandon their career. Contact dermatitis is commonly caused by harsh soaps and cleaning agents or other chemicals. Luckily, most massage products do not include extremely harsh chemicals, but many do contain more mildly irritating ingredients.

For therapists with sensitive skin, this can be a major problem when it comes to the massage products they use in their clinics. Massage oils, lotions and creams are designed for clients. These clients might only spend an hour a week or an hour a month in contact with these products, which might not be enough to cause a reaction, unless they have particularly sensitive skin. Massage therapists, however, might spend 10, 20, or 30 hours with their hands in their massage products. It's this large amount of exposure that increases the risk of a negative skin reaction, or developing contact dermatitis.

All Pure Pro massage products are developed with sensitive skin in mind. You won’t find any ‘nasties’, parabens or ethoxylated ingredients or products with an extremely low pH, both of which can take their toll on the skin, over time.

Making Sense of Labels - Parabens

Pure Pro’s flagship product, Ultra Massage OilUltra Massage Oil is 100% natural and unscented containing five vegetable oils hand (excuse the pun) selected for their properties and efficacy. These include Fractionated Coconut , Apricot Kernel (both seed oils - NOT nut oils), Safflower, Sunflower and Avocado. It is very a gentle oil with a light, gliding feel, it's concentrated so gives great coverage while nourishing both your own hands and your clients' skin.

If you prefer, at times, to use a lotion rather than an oil, our Hypoallergenic Lotion is as mild as they come – it is pH-balanced and unscented.

Remember: your wellbeing is truly in your own hands so take care of them by choosing the best possible massage products – Pure Pro products are developed by therapists, for therapists, so they know what we need for our healing work. For full information on the natural ingredients in Pure Pro products go to


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