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Hypoallergenic Lotion - Easing Lymphoedema …… after 53 years

Not all therapists are Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) practitioners using the very effective Dr. Vodder Method, but we can still bring about an element of ease to our clients suffering from Lymphoedema.

In my ‘Time for You’ massage practice, I have been treating an 86 year old woman for the past two years. She suffered a DVT 53 years ago after the birth of her second son and developed lymphoedema as a result, in both legs. Since then she has been faithfully wearing compression stockings daily – winter and summer. For the purpose of this blog we will call my client, Dolores.

When Dolores first came to me for massage she appeared to be unaware of the state of her legs – she had become used to them after so long. They were very, very swollen and on close observation the epidermis had an inflamed, red and mottled appearance. The skin was extremely taut with little or no “give” - decades later the soft tissue was no longer soft - to say the least !

Otherwise her health was very good for an 86 year old – requiring medication only for macular degeneration in her eyes. Overweight certainly, but very active in the community, lived independently and had a great social life! Her mobility was somewhat compromised with arthritic inflammation in both knees but, thankfully, she was not in pain “except for the odd twinge now and then”.

Dolores came for a full-body massage every two weeks. I spent a lot of time on her lower legs, using Pure Pro’s Hypoallergenic Lotion, with gentle upward strokes as her skin was so sensitive and tender to touch. Between treatments, Dolores massaged both legs herself every night (classic self-care which is great to see in someone her age) and brought her container back for a refill every other visit!

Within a few weeks of starting this regime, Dolores’ right leg showed signs of improvement, but her left leg “the bad one” stubbornly refused to budge. However, within a few months, I was surprised and delighted to see such an amazing change in this leg. While the oedema was, and still is, present the degree of improvement in skin tone, texture, softness and colour was nothing short of staggering. The tissue was soft and almost pliable and has continued to improve. I literally could not believe my eyes, or my hands, when I started her massage that day. Dolores is delighted too, of course.

So 53 years later I can only attribute this amazing change to the very regular use of Hypoallergenic Lotion, which was developed specifically for sensitive and delicate skin. It is also pH-balanced and unscented, fortified with aloe vera gel, apricot kernel oil and golden jojoba oil. Hypoallergenic Lotion

If any of your clients suffer from lymphoedma, Lymphoedema Ireland has a patient support group. Here are their contact details. (087) 693.4944 or email: info@lymphireland.com www.lymphireland.com


Any questions?  Please contact me on 087 287 0555, or by email at mary@purepro.ie

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