• Mary Mullally

Not tried Arnica yet? 15% off from 24th - 30th April - so no excuses!

It’s hard to choose which Pure Pro Arnica product I prefer the most. They are so versatile, each one has a different function depending on my clients’ requirements and needs.

In my treatment room, I find that all three Arnica products are on the go at the same time. With a varied client base, from age, occupation, activity levels etc., Pure Pro Arnica has become a staple product in my business. I even use the Arnica Concentrate and Lotion on myself – it works wonders on my own tight shoulder and trapezius muscles.

Which Arnica product you use really comes down to personal choice and preference. It’s great to be able to source three amazingly potent products from the one place. Products that are guaranteed 100% natural and that you know will help you to ease your clients’ sore muscles, painful joints, post-activity soreness, post-operative bruising and activate the body’s own self-healing ability.

Having spent some months visiting support groups for Arthritis and Fibromyalgia sufferers around the country, despite daily pain and fatigue, these meeting were fun and one thing that stood out for me was the resilience and heart that the members had. It was good to be able to share tips and suggestions for health and vitality while living with these debilitating conditions, along with Arnica Relief Lotion sample tasters. It was even better that so many members have purchased this product since as they are finding it really does bring them relief. If you know of any Support Groups in your area I would love to hear from you.

To wrap up this April – All About Arnica series, each week I have outlined the uses, benefits and application of our three different products, so I don’t need to bore you by repeating all of their virtues again here. What I would say though is, if you have not tried these products yet, both you and your clients are missing some amazing healing for sore and painful muscles and joints.

For the final week in April – ALL Arnica products have a 15% discount, giving you the opportunity to see for yourself just how great these products are.

All Pure Pro Arnica products are available to buy here: https://www.purepro.ie/arnica-products

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Any questions?  Please contact me on 087 287 0555, or by email at mary@purepro.ie

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