• Mary Mullally

Are you a TIME-POOR Massage Therapist

Are you a TIME-POOR massage therapist?

Are you juggling family commitments (children off school for the summer, perhaps) finances, clients and building your business all at the same time.

Apart from the children element, as a busy therapist myself, I’ve been there, done all that so I know what it’s like trying to keep all the shows on the road – at the same time!

When it comes to choosing the massage products that you buy for your clinic or treatment room, do you have time to properly research and choose products that are natural, that you love to work with and that are good for your clients too?

This is where I can help you. For instance, all therapists use a base massage oil and one oil, Pure Pro’s Ultra oil, is a blend of 5 different oils combined into one product. This unique blend is a God-send for busy therapists. You don’t have to research, choose and buy different products as you can have the benefits of all five oils in Ultra.

In my recent blogs I explained, in detail, the five different ingredients and their benefits so if you need to review the benefits of each go to http://bit.ly/5in1PP

As with all Pure Pro products you can be assured that, as the name implies, the ingredients are PURE. Using only the highest-grade pharmaceutical quality oils Pure Pro’s Ultra Massage Oil will solve lots of your problems. Not only will it save you time and money but your clients will love it for the benefits it gives them too.

Over 500 therapists, massage schools, students, hospice and cancer support centres in Ireland make the natural choice about the massage oil that they use. Here are 7 reasons why:

  1. It is super-concentrated - a little goes a long way

  2. It has ALL the qualities/benefits of 5 different oils in 1

  3. It does not stain or leave an oily residue

  4. It washes out at low temperatures

  5. It nourishes clients’ skin

  6. It saves you money – your towels, plinth covers and uniforms last much longer

  7. It can be used for all treatments from baby, pregnancy and holistic to deep tissue and neuromuscular therapies.

Order online for next day delivery and let me help you solve some of your problems. Unfortunately, I cannot do anything to help you with the children – but solving two out of three ain’t bad!

For more information on Pure Pro Products: www.purepro.ie


Any questions?  Please contact me on 087 287 0555, or by email at mary@purepro.ie

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