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It is highly recommended to purchase this pump head for use with our 3.84 litre Ultra Massage Oil. Three good reasons for using this pump head: 1) it will save on spillage when de-canting into smaller bottles;  2) it is more economical, and 3) it is hygenic and prevents cross contamination.

Large pump head

SKU: 0005
  • Heavy-duty and lockable with a push-down-and-twist action, these pump heads make buying bulk much more economical and easier to de-cant into our smaller 240ml or 100ml bottles for use in treatment rooms.

    It dispenses 8cc at a time and replaces the existing cap on our 3.84 litre Ultra Massage Oil bottle.


  • Did you know that you can economize and be green by cleaning your pump and reusing it? Our pumps are heavy-duty and built to last. All you need to do is periodically pump surgical spirits (no soap and water) through the pump to degrease and sanitize.

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