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Try this oil and stain-removing detergent specially developed for massage therapists' laundry. Put the power of citrus peels (orange, lemon and lime) to work for you in your laundry giving you a wonderfully fragrant 'citrussy' scent. Specifically formulated to remove vegetable-based oils, our Orange Degreaser is the ultimate way to get rid of, and prevent, oily build-up on your towels, linens and uniforms.... and it's bio-degradable.

"I've been using the Pure Pro Orange Degreaser Detergent for a while now and couldn't be happier. It's the first product I've found that really removes the scent of oils from my towels and covers and leaves them smelling fresh and clean. The fact that it is also environmentally friendly and washes at low temperatures makes it ideal for me". 

Louise Mulready, Massage Therapist

Orange Degreaser Detergent (Litre)

SKU: 0003
  • This citrus-based detergent is economical, effective and environmentally friendly.  It's a complete detergent with serious degreasing muscle.... effective but still gentle, is it also biodegradable and septic tank system safe. Contains grease cutting agents, coconut based surfactants, alkaline salts, d-limonene (citrus peel extracts) and water softeners. This 1litre size will give approx. 25 standard washes at a cost of .68c per wash.

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