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Specially developed for massage therapists' oily, stained laundry. Put the power of citrus peels (orange, lemon and lime) to work giving your linens a wonderfully fragrant 'citrussy' scent.

This is a stand-alone detergent - no need to add anything else to your wash. It helps to remove unsightly stains and that oily build-up on your towels, sheets and uniforms.... and it's bio-degradable so good for the environment too.


"I started using Mary's orange detergent for my salon towels and I have to say it's the best thing I've used ever.  Gets the towels so clean and there is also a beautiful orange smell, bonus..... I warm my towels before use and the heat brings out the smell again, clients comment all the time.  It's a winner, Mary".

Maureen Mahony, Salon Owner, Salann na Talun, Co. Offaly

Orange Degreaser Detergent (Gallon) 3.8 litres

SKU: 0025
  • For best results we recommend a 30-40 degree wash, placing the Orange Dregreaer into the drum. Approx. 40ml per load (same as standard wash). No need for any other detergent.  Yhis product is super concentrated - just 40ml packs a really powerful cleaning and stain-removing punch.  If at all possible wash on same day for best results.

    During Covid-19 crisis run your linens through a second 60 degrees wash in order to comply with washing protocols and guidelines.


Any questions?  Please contact me on 087 287 0555, or by email at

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