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Ultra Massage Oil is super-concentrated to give you just the right glide without feeling greasy. This 100% natural, unscented blend is an oil that feels extremely light on the skin. It is the natural choice for Hot Stone massage and cupping because its unique combination of natural ingredients is "water dispersible". It washes out easily from towels, linens, and uniforms, thus reducing the cost of regular replacement. It speeds up the cleaning of stones and cups too. Clients love it because they can dress after treatments without staining their clothes.

"We found Ultra Oil great to work with. It allows smooth movement for long flowing strokes but the extra grip means you can slow down and focus with more intent and pressure, if needed. As it is water soluble, it has cut down on laundry bills and the level of stains on sheets, with no stale smell after washing". Dublin Therapeutic Massage Clinic


"I've been using Ultra Massage Oil from day one and wouldn't change it. It's light, 100% pure, suitable for all skin types and it's great for all massage modalities including Hot and Cold Stone and Aromatherapy" Christina Evans, Diamond Energy Therapies, Waterford.

Ultra Massage Oil (3.84 litres)

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  • Ultra contains fractionated coconut "oil" which is actually a fractionated coconut "wax ester" with a similar make up to the skin's sebaceous waxes. It has a very light texture and feel, while deeply nourishing and nurturing the skin.  Ultra's water-dispersible properties ensure that towels/linens do not build-up an oily, heavy residue, therefore do not need to be replaced frequently - a great financial saving for therapists.


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