Pure Pro Ultra Massage Oil 

Ultra is a 100% natural, super-concentrated, unscented massage oil with so many benefits for both therapist and client, I think it should be re-named the ULTIMATE massage oil.

Ultra is a unique blend of five different base oils, bringing the individual qualities and benefits of each to the finished product. 

For your clients, Ultra is light, non-greasy and easily absorbed. It is deeply nourishing and nurturing for their skin and, as it does not stain, they can dress immediately after a treatment without any worries of an oily residue on their clothes.  It’s also nut-oil free so safe for anyone with a nut-allergy.

But, for you the therapist, the benefits of using Ultra oil  are immeasurable, for example:

  • The unique combination of the vegetable based oils results in a “water dispersible” oil that washes out easily from your towels, sheets, uniforms etc.,

  • This means that you will not have any embarrassing or unsightly oil stains on your linens

  • And, you won’t have that heavy, rancid, oily build up or residue, particularly in your towels

  • Your linens will last much longer so you don’t have to replace them frequently – a big financial saving

  • For Hot Stone or cupping treatments, the clean up time is much faster with no oily scum on stones or equipment

  • Ultra gives you an amazing spread with just a small amount of oil – a little goes a long, long way – again saving you money.

  • Ultra is suitable for use with ALL massage modalities, and I mean ALL!   So you don’t need to buy different oil for your different treatments.  This saves you both time and money

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Give you just the right glide without feeling greasy. Some of the benefits using Ultra Massage Oil are:

  • This 100% natural, unscented blend is an oil that feels extremely light on the skin.

  • It is the natural choice for Hot Stone massage and cupping therapies because its unique combination of natural ingredients is "water-dispersible". 

  • This means Ultra washes out easily from towels, linens, and uniforms, thus reducing the cost of regular replacement (a great financial saving for therapists).

  • It speeds up the cleaning of stones and cups too. Clients love it because they can dress after treatments without staining their clothes.

Ultra oil contains fractionated coconut "oil" which is actually a fractionated coconut "wax ester" with a similar makeup to the skin's sebaceous waxes. It has a very light texture and feel, while deeply nourishing and nurturing the skin.


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Ultra Massage Oil comes in three different sizes suitable for therapists and personal users.